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What happens when you start using yoni products?

💕Things might get "worse" before they get better💕

When your cycle comes for the first time after you start using our products, you may notice a significant change that can sometimes be shocking to you!

You probably expected things to turn out for the best right? Believe us when we say they will, your body just needs a little bit of time to adjust to the changes and all the herbs that are coming into your system.

What are some of these changes that I might experience?

Your flow may be much heavier, darker, and thicker and may even last for longer this time around.

Your period might be delayed even if you are not pregnant.

Your menses might have a smell that is off and foul.

You might get cramps.

Your discharge might be increased and also have a different smell...

While you may find this unpleasant and/or even concerning, keep in mind that it is a sign that the products are working on your body and that your next cycle will be much more different and more enjoyable!

You're probably wondering... But why???

You see, all of that in there is what has been causing the pain, bloating and exhaustion that you may have been experiencing during each cycle month after month.

All of that excess material has been stuck to your uterine lining, ovaries and or tubes, could be part of the reason you’ve had trouble with your menstrual cycle, pain during sex, less desire to have sex, a smelling discharge, itching yoni and even conceiving a child.

Now is the time to be thrilled that your body is able to flush all of this material out, and cleanse itself so thoroughly!

Be delighted at how well your body works with just the gentle assistance of our products.

Don’t worry, it won’t be like this for a long time, it will change and for the best...

Trust us when we say, take this process as a healing process, there is no quick fix.

Results are not the same for everyone, the time it took someone you know to see results might not be the same for you...

Be patient...


The upside is that your sex drive might shoot up the roof, your period pains will significantly be reduced and the foul smell will go away and you will gain your confidence back.

💕 Trust us, we want what is best for you! 💕


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