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What is the difference between PCOS and Fibroids?

What’s the difference between PCOS and Fibroids? 

Fibroids and PCOS actually share some symptoms and can therefore make it challenging to diagnose. 

Fibroids are diagnosed through medical history, physical exam, and imaging tests like ultrasound or MRI.

PCOS is diagnosed through medical history, physical exam, and tests like blood tests and ultrasound.

If you are having irregular periods, painful periods, or difficulty with fertility, you should talk to your specialist about PCOS and fibroids differences. The differences include:

Aspect PCOS Fibroids
Definition Hormonal disorder affecting ovaries Non-cancerous growths in the uterus
Symptoms Irregular periods, cysts on ovaries, Heavy periods, pelvic pain, pressure
hormonal imbalances
Diagnosis Blood tests, ultrasound Pelvic exam, ultrasound, MRI
Treatment Lifestyle changes | PCOS Tea, PCOS Combo, PCOS Drops Removal by surgery, Fibroids Drops, Fibroids Tea, Fibroids Combo
Impact Infertility, weight gain, insulin resistance Heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, fertility issues, miscarriages

 Symptoms of Fibroids and PCOS

Symptoms  PCOS Fibroids 
Cause excessive hair growth Yes No
Cause hormonal acne Yes No
Cause weight gain Yes

Yes (Stomach)

Cause hair thinning Yes No
Cause fertility issues Yes Yes
Cause insulin resistance Yes No
Cause painful periods Yes Yes
Cause pain during sex Yes Yes
Do you get your periods every month Sometimes Yes
Cause heavy menstrual bleeding No Yes
Cause pelvic pain and pressure No Yes
Cause frequent urination No Yes
Cancerous or not No No
Can cause miscarriages No Yes
Can cause ovulation issues No Yes

 If you are not patient enough to take the herbs to get the fibroids to shrink, I highly recommend that you see a Dr who will do surgery to remove them as they can affect the quality of your life negatively.


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Enlarged uterus
Pain in the pelvic area
Heavy and prolonged bleeding
Pain during sex
Severe menstrual cramps
Frequent urination



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