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Yoni Healing is such a blessing to my Yoni

Cleanse and Nurture Combo

I sent ausi K a text because I was stressed and she responded quickly and said I should try the Cleanse and Nurture Combo, within two days I had my periods and I had no cramps this time around as I would normally get before my period starts. Not only did I feel good but I felt amazing. Thank you so much for these products, they're lifesavers and affordable too. No more going to my gynecologist unnecessarily 😊😊😊



Love it

Fibroids Combo

Received this 19 days ago and immediately used them, my periods are less painful, didn't experience any heavy bleeding or any of those huge clots, mind you, stopped using contraceptives and my periods are almost done in just 3 days. Can't wait to finish the first package and revisit the gynae to check on my fibroids




Endometriosis combo

My yoni yoni felt and still feels good no pains during sex, no bloating, I love it not forgetting the excellent service 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾



skin my face is glowin

Acne Combo

Acne combo is working wonders on my skin my face is glowing day by day even my body is fresh darck marks are gone i really enjoying my product i gaine my completion again ill defiantly buy more these product dosent take much time. the result came after two day wow icant stop smiling where i look my self on the mirror 💃💃yipppy .if you haven't try it what are you waiting for try it you wont regret it 🛩🛩🛩🛩




Acne face mist

Acne face mist Hi Ijoòooh I'm speechless...acne facial mist work like face was sensetive..i was also having nappy rash..i tried everything but nothing works...after using acne face mist and soap my skin radiant and flawless..also clear and smooth...i love using it as setting spray.Your product is amazing thanks💖💋


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What is that smell?

A healthy vagina smells like a lot of different things — flowers  and vanilla is not one of them. Vaginal odor that h...…

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Prevent vaginal infections

You need to have clean nails if you want to stay healthy. That’s obvious for most people—but did you know that dirty nails can also cause infections? A study by the found that dirty hands were more likely to cause vaginal infections.

The reason? Unwashed hands secrete bacteria on the fingernails that rise up and enter the private parts, causing itching, discomfort and pain. Some people mistakenly think they already have a vaginal infection and begin using antibiotics, which ends up further complicating their condition because they are taking antibiotics unnecessarily.

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Healing is a Journey

How many Combo’s do I need to take to see the results?


Kindy note that the Fertility Cleanse is the only combo that you will need to take once, then you will move to the Fertility combo.


So if you are treating inflammation in your body and we did not prescribe the Fertility Cleanse for you, we recommend that you take the same combo you are using at least three times to be able to heal your body.

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