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Real Talk (Ladies): Let's Discuss That Intimate Odour

Have you ever felt like you smell funny?
Yes, down there…

I hate to break it to you, but all women have that smell that you think is not so good!
Oh, wait, I can explain! Hold up, do not attack me as yet! Let me break it down for you!

The smell is not a bad smell, but you also tell yourself that this cant be a good smell…

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So picture this: I am at work and just before meeting my work lunch mates, I head to the loo… As I sit down on the toilet seat, there is this smell that just throws me off! The smell is not a bad smell and it's not a smell that I am used to. So I do what I have to do and I proceed to go have lunch with my mates, when I sit down this smell comes again! I cannot lie, it threw me off!!!
Then I start to think if I could have an sexually transmitted infection (STI) or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)… I try to look for other signs that could be related to an STI or UTI and nothing else corroborates that it could be the two!

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This is when I started also having clear egg white discharge. I think to myself, well… It cannot be sperm because I have not… No, this is not making any sense! Make it make sense. I was puzzled trying to resolve this on my own…

I ask my friend to smell me and tell me if she can smell the same thing as me, she slowly goes down and smells me and confirms that there is a smell… but its not a foul smell and she can only smell it when she goes in and literally almost touch my pants with her nose. (Yes, I was dressed, get your head out of the gutter, LOL)
Yes, women do a lot of intimate things together! *Hides from the judgement of men*

Well, let me not digress.

That evening I went home, and my husband was just like bees are to beehive! I was also very excited and wanted more of him and my thirst for him was insatiable… He proceeded to tell me that he loves the way I smell! I was so confused!!! I did not like the smell, but he did? I mean why?!
In the morning he was on me again, I felt like the smell was getting worse and worse! But he loved it! He loved it so much that he even tasted it!

*Oversharing, I know, but trust me, you will get why*

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So I tried to decode what the smell could be and I was super shocked! I will explain better at the end.

So if you as a woman also have this smell or you as a man have had this smell coming from a female.

Here are the characteristics that come with it:
1. It happens a week and a half or 2 weeks after your period
2. You will have egg white discharge
3. You will be very very very sexually stimulated ALL on your OWN
4. You might also experience some pains like period pains
5. You might spot, not full on blood, but spotting!
6. Your temperature might also be elevated if you test it
7. Your breasts might be tender
8. You might have a great mood out of the blue

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This my friend, is ovulation! It's mother nature giving signs to the opposite sex and you that it's time to copulate and increase the nation!
Nature is something else hey? 🤔

So when you feel like this and your are trying to conceive, please go on flight more and Netflix and Chill with your person!

Another interesting thing, if you are single, take that discharge and rub it behind your ears or anywhere on your body, when you hug a male, he can smell it. This is called Vabbing!

Vabbing — yup, that’s a word that combines “vagina” and “dabbing” — refers to dabbing your vaginal secretions on your body as if they’re droplets of perfume. It’s thought to make you more attractive to others. I tried it on my husband and it worked! He did not know, and he will never know!

Interesting fact: The idea is that vabbing attracts potential partners because vaginal secretions contain pheromones. Because of this, some people vab before dates or during a night out. The idea is that your vaginal secretions contain pheromones, which make you attractive to potential partners. Some people also say that vabbing can feel empowering and sexy in itself.

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However, if you are experiencing the below, you need to be concerned;

Itching or Irritation: Persistent itching or irritation in the vaginal area, vulva, or surrounding skin could be a sign of an infection.
Pain or Discomfort: Pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) or urination can be symptoms of a vaginal infection.
Burning Sensation: A burning sensation while urinating or throughout the day may indicate an infection.
Redness and Swelling: The vaginal area might appear red, swollen, or inflamed.
Unpleasant Odor: Foul or fishy odor, especially when accompanied by abnormal discharge, could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis or an STI
Change in Vaginal pH: Some home tests or pH strips can detect changes in vaginal pH levels, which may help identify certain infections.

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I have great news as this can be treated, YES! Even when you have used antibiotics and it keeps on reccurring! >>>>>THIS<<<<<<  and   >>>>>>THIS<<<<<< used together, will put an end to your nightmare

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