Fibroids Tea

Fibroids Tea

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This tea is intended to be used to treat uterine fibroids


  • Shrinks fibroids naturally
  • Alleviating menstrual cramping
  • Reduce uterine discomfort caused by fibroids
  •  Aid with the heavy menstrual bleeding and reduce menstrual clots
  • Purifies the blood

Take it daily even when you are on your periods

For best results, use it together with the Steaming herbs, Hormone balance tea and or Hormone balance drops 

Dosage and Instructions:

Take daily, as and when needed

Take 1-3 cups daily

1 table spoon to 1 cup of tea

Steep for 5- 10 minutes

Your water needs to be HOT… as in, you just boiled it. (Do not boil the tea as it takes the nutrients and herbs that you need)

You need to cover your tea while it steeps.

You need to let it steep for the proper amount of time.

The longer it steeps the more bitter it may taste.


You can have the tea warm or cold with fruits (citrus fruits, berries ect.) 

Instead of sugar, use honey.

If you are using any of our tea blends, take one type of tea per day and alternate them with days.

Do not take when you are pregnant or breastfeeding


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Customer Reviews

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Fibroid tea so far so good

So far so good. I took it while on my periods, had some cramps, but noticed that I didn't have any blood clots, & am no longer bloated. So am happy with that. Will review again after a week

Fibroids tea

Received my delivery within a day of purchase. The tea tastes good. Stopped feeling abdominal pain & pain during intercourse and heavy bleeding stopped within a week of using these herbs.

Fibroids & period tea.

Best tea ever, I'm already hooked. Taste nice as if it's not a healing tea. Not sure which tea is responsible but since using the teas, no more blood clots and pain moderate. I'm enjoying my periods now. Thank you

Fibroid Tea

I’ve been using the fibroid tea and I’ve seen a huge difference I use to get heavy flow and a lot of clots n I dnt feel any pain during sex 😜it really worked for me


my wife have febroids and she has got 2 miscourrages caused by febroids. i have just come across this tea and thought to order may be it can help her.Thank you