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Should I use Yoni Pearls or Steaming herbs?

I see that you are on the curious side between pearls and steaming… Even though we have gone through this topic a number of times, It will not take anything away from me to refresh your memory or even discuss it again.


This is how yoni pearls work -  Click here to read about them and frequently asked questions about them and with steaming, you have to literally sit down and give your vagina a facial! Literally.


They both have different results and I sometimes recommend both with combos to get you the best results. I however do not recommend them to everyone. I would recommend pearls when I want to be aggressive in the treatment that I give as over the years they have given the best results for what I want to treat, especially in older women.


There seems to be some retailers that want to give you the idea that they DON’T work or that they can heal EVERYTHING! Truth is that they don’t heal all.

Click here - Can Yoni Pearls heal all reproductive issues?

In conclusion, Yoni Steaming has longer lasting effects on your body and more healing power over the pearls. It might be slower as you might not feel the effects immediately, but with time you will come to realise the benefits.


The question is do you want quick results or do you want to heal for a longer term?

I will leave you to make that decision.


You are more than welcome to send me a WhatsApp on 065 225 2525 for a chat on this!


Have an awesome one


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