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Can yoni pearls cure all reproductive health issues?

So I have been approached by a lot of women regarding the use of yoni pearls to treat different reproductive illnesses and it seems that there are “some” people who claim that yoni pearls heal ALL diseases that women have. I would like to clarify this…

Yoni pearls are claimed to heal, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, period pains, infertility ect. This is not true, yoni pearls alone are not the magic pill that is that heal everything. They are used in support of other products to ensure healing.

So in a month (Period cycle) you can only use 3 yoni pearls if your periods are long enough. This is why at Yoni Healing we offer you just more than the pearls. Using yoni pearls alone will not help cure an illness that you have had for more than 3 to 4 years if not more.

We recommend using yoni pearls to cleanse and detox your reproductive system so that it makes it easier for the steaming herbs and other recommended products to be absorbed into the blood stream, in support of your healing.

Did you know that yoni pearls also tighten you vagina? (Yes they do)


How many cleanses will I need of yoni pearls?

So, 1 cleanse is equal to 3 pearls.

Endometriosis – 7 Cleanses

Vaginal Odour – 3 Cleanses

Fibroids – 8 Cleanses

Yeast infection – 3 Cleanses

Bacterial Vaginosis – 4 Cleanses

Urinary Tract infection – 3 Cleanses

Heavy menstrual cycle – 4 Cleanses

Bartholin cyst – 4 Cleanses

Blocked tubes – 4 Cleanses

Vagina Tightening – 4 Cleanses


The above guide is if you only use yoni pearls, if you use them in conjunction with some of our recommended products, you will get better results without even having to use as much pearls.


I hope this clarifies the use of pearls.

In the next email, we will talk about the frequently asked questions about Yoni pearls.

Should you want to consult on the best products to use for your reproductive health, Whatsapp us on 065 225 2525


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