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Can I steam while I am on my periods?

This is one of our frequently asked questions.

While I understand that your periods might be excruciating at that moment, the answer is no, and and will ALWAYS remain as a no, this is why⤵️

Steaming while bleeding can be DANGEROUS because the steam and herbs used speed up the blood flow and can cause heavy bleeding and the contraction of your uterus.

Yoni steaming should be done before, and after your period, which will help aid the natural uterine cleanse that occurs during the period.

It may be more beneficial at different times of the month, but not during a bleeding time.

When you are on your periods you can take your

✔ Menstrual support capsules

✔ Menstrual support tea

✔ Yoni Tea
✔ Hormone balance tea

To ease with your cramps, heavy bleeding and clots

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    From the testimonies from. Other pp I believe this is the best product can’t wait to order mine thanks

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