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I am so happy that I get a lot of questions that I thought were obvious but are actually not. This gives me an opportunity to also disseminate this information to someone who bought the products and is afraid of asking the same question.


A couple of weeks back I got a message from a client who  was new to this holistic healing journey and as always, I welcome questions where instructions are not clear.


So took I most of the frequently asked questions and thought to answer them here;


Question one: After steaming my Yoni can I drink the mixture?

Answer; no do not drink the mixture, you can flush the herbs and water out in the toilet bowl, or discard them outside on the lawn or your flower bed.


Question two: Can I chew the leaves of the tea?

Answer: No, do not chew the leaves, use a strainer or sieve to separate the leaves from the tea, you can also use a teapot that has a strainer that will make your life a little easier when drinking the tea.


Question three: Should I use the drops to lubricate my yoni?

Answer: No, the drops are meant to be taken with warm water to drink.


Question Four: Can I mix the tea and drops together?

Answer: No do not mix them together, take the tea or drops first (totally your choice) then take the other in 20 to 30 minutes.


Question Five: Can I take the tea while I am fasting?

Answer: Yes you can, it will not break your fast, but if you are skeptical of this answer, take the tea within your period of breaking the fast.


Question Six: What must I do with these capsules?

Answer: Take two to drink. You can take them on an empty stomach or with food. It does not matter. You can choose what is comfortable with you


Question Seven: What can I take to fall pregnant fast, fast?

Answer: in most cases I refer people to read here


Question Eight: What happens when I start using your products?

Answer: Read here for an answer


I will end it here for today, should you have any queries regarding the products and what to use, do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp 065 225 2525



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