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Fertility Tip 1

In kick starting your journey to conceiving, so many women believe they have a problem even without diagnosis and that their partner is A, ok because they have kids from their previous relationship.

Even when a man has kids with another woman, do you know that they might have some difficulties getting YOU pregnant?

One of the reasons could be due to his sperm quality deteriorating over time. That is why when you start the journey to start your new family or even expand your family I advise that you have a talk with your partner so that you are on the same page.

It makes the process so much easier if you do not have to hide yourself when taking your tea or steaming. Who knows, he might also be willing to take our Male Fertility Combo too to help him;


  • Increase his libido
  • Increase blood flow to his reproductive organs and helps you last longer
  • Corrects ED
  • Improves his quality of sperm and mobility


His support will make the journey enjoyable for both of you.


Should you wish to consult, do contact us on WhatsApp 065 225 2525


Wishing you all the best with this life changing experience.



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