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Basic yoni combo

I often get asked, what is the basic yoni combo? This question often leaves me puzzled which makes me reply to a question with another question; “What do you want to treat?” I ask…

Then an answer would come where I am able to recommend something to assist with that particular problem.


The answer is there is NO combo that is basic and solves ALL female related problems. However there is a combo that we can recommend that will help you with a couple of issues such as;

Vaginal thrush

Bad Yoni odour

UTI (Even recurrent ones)



This combo is aimed at just getting your PH balance right and ensuring that your reproductive organs as a woman overall are healthy.


I would not call it basic, but if you do not know where to start with this journey of healing I would suggest you take THIS and use it consistently! Yes, I said it, consistently!


Click here to see the combo and also here to see what we pair it with.


Should you have fibroids, painful period pains, cysts, ect, please consult with us by clicking here


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