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Fibroids and Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my last born child, my friend was also pregnant with her beautiful son.

Her pregnancy was high risk as she kept feeling as though she was about to go into labour. She was put on bed rest from when she was 4 months pregnant.

Why did she get pregnant when she had a fibroid?

She did not know she had a fibroid. 6 years earlier she had an operation to remove the fibroid and she did not know that it had grown back.

This is when she called me in wanting a solution to remove the fibroid as soon as possible so that she can treat it and have a pain free pregnancy successful delivery. (I will tell you later in the article what I said to her.)


What Effect do Fibroids have on Pregnancy?

One of the most common complication of fibroids during pregnancy is pain, consistent abdominal pain.

 This is usually experienced by women with fibroids larger than 5 centimetres who are in their last two trimesters. (From 3 months of pregnancy)


Fibroids may increase your risk for other complications during pregnancy and delivery. These include:


Foetal growth restriction.

Large fibroids may prevent your foetus from growing fully due to decreased room in the womb.

Placental abruption.

This occurs when your placenta breaks away from the uterine wall because it is blocked by a fibroid. This reduces vital oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Preterm delivery.

Pain from fibroids may lead to you having uterine contractions, which can result in an early delivery.

Caesarean delivery.

If you have a fibroid you are more likely to need a caesarean delivery (C-section) than a woman who does not have these growths.

Breech position.

Because of the abnormal shape of the cavity, your baby may not be able to align for vaginal delivery.


Research notes the chances for miscarriage are doubled if you have fibroids.


Let’s continue the story with my friend;

So I told her that unfortunately there was nothing I could give her to help her reduce or treat her fibroids while she is pregnant. Most medication that is holistic cannot be administered during pregnancy due to them being so strong. Even with western medication there is only so much that can be done when you are pregnant.

So she had to take her Dr’s instruction and be put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, needless to say she gave birth with via C-section to the most beautiful baby boy.

The Dr was also unable to take out the fibroid during the C-section and recommended that my friend go for an operation to remove them.


It is only after stopping breastfeeding that she could start taking her treatment to shrink them, she is currently using a Fibroids Combo and Fibroids Drops.

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