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Part 1 of My Endometriosis Journey

So let me let you into my healing journey, I was young, naïve and did not think it would be me…

I started bleeding during intercourse at some point in my early twenties, I just shrugged it away and thought it would go away… 

The first time it happened, I thought to myself, maybe I was dry…
Then it happened again, then I thought, maybe we were too rough…
But then it happened for the third time, and I thought, AOWA!!!! Maybe he is cheating…

I went to the Dr and they did not pick up anything, I did not feel uncomfortable in any way, the only thing that I was worried about, was that I became scared of having sex because it was starting to embarrass me. You know when you’re young, not being able to have sex is like a death sentence! YHO!

I went to see another Dr and nothing was picked up, what I noticed is that the blood was becoming more and more. It started as spotting and then it escalated to the blood output being more and at some point, it looked like I was on my periods. To my surprise, there was no blood before the deed happened.

What I noticed when this happened is that a few months later, I started developing period pains. I was shook, in my whole 20 something years of being on this earth, I have never, ever, ever had period pains! I was puzzled by what my body was doing, like? WTH!😫😫😫

I felt like my body was failing me! I went to the Dr and they told me that period pains are normal, I did not get it. I accepted this because everyone around me had period pains and I was this “alien” that did not have these pains… 

Now I had joined the period pain gang! We exchanged tips of which pills are the best for period pains and also which hot water bottle was the best. 

If you get period pains you should know how misery loves company, my friends and I had our periods at almost the same time, so we took turns helping each other depending on who had the worst pains that month like it was a cult of some sort… Believe me when I tell you that trauma bonding is real!

As time went by, I accepted these “normal” pains, and I was not so worried because it was the language of the “gang”!

Sex not only had blood, it started feeling painful… I remember one time it felt like I was being stabbed with a knife inside! The pain was horrible… I did not understand… Did this guy give me an infection? Was I dying? (Well at least now I know that I was not dying)

The pain was so sharp! It was so sharp that we had to end the moment at that point. It could not be continued. I got more and more worried. 

I also started being very bloated to a point that I could not maintain my flat stomach any longer! Before my periods came, I looked 5 months pregnant! I was in trauma for years hle! Passing gas felt like I had swallowed clay that had small glass bottles and I was trying to poop it! I had to lie on my stomach with pillows and reposition myself so many times just so I could fart! Like WHYYYY!!!!

Don’t even ask me about pooping! Yho, those were the days. I literally cried when I had to poop, it was like pooping a ball of needles!!! I hated it. My mom would remind me to take laxatives before I had my periods so that I can manage that part. 

When my periods came, the pain was so bad that, on some days I could not even eat, because I would vomit and had what felt like a fever. 

Sleeping on a cold tile, a hot water bottle and some schedule 4 pain killers were the order of the day when I had period pains.

I started to hate sex, I did not enjoy it anymore and I would avoid it at all costs!

To continue reading about my journey with endometriosis click >>HERE<<

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With love😘💕




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  • Posted on Tdee

    You know reading your endometriosis story/journey, it’s like I’m reading about mine only written to details for me as was from when it started. Really, I look forward to the healing process/journey and to a life free of pain/agony/low self esteem due to agonizing aches. It’s been hard; every month you have to bunk work, you even have to disclose this when a company signs you in (I need a day off every month due to), I remember when my manager said no to a day off, I reported to work_ then the worst happened, those pains came @me like lightning, next thing I woke up on a hospital bed with my manager next to me (apologizing throughout) most people think we are too weak or faking it, until they see for themselves.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Posted on Jane

    This article helps a also srart bleeding after sex thinking I’m dry..don’t tell about periods pain….

  • Posted on Khomotso

    Hi, I also have endo and believe you me, I know all the struggles even though some are different. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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