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Fertility Matters

Hey you…

I just thought I should write this because I don’t get a chance to speak to each and everyone of you on a daily basis and you might even miss the status updates that I make on Instagram, Facebook or on WhatsApp.

If you’re trying to conceive this short piece is for you, the road to conceiving is not an easy one, its often riddled with confusion and negative emotions. Please try and hold on and heal your body one day at a time… If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, please consider seeing a therapist to help you cope better.


One thing that I advise is that you heal your body, and no I am not trying to get you to buy more products… I just need you to try and follow the advise I give. I have been in the industry for sometime and trust you me I know how it goes… I will not force you at the end of the day, the choice is absolutely yours, I can only guide. 😊


As a woman when you’re trying to conceive, I will ask you different questions. These questions being:

  1. How old are you and your partner? (this helps me understand where we are with fertility and the quality of eggs.)


  1. Do you get your periods every month? (If the answer is no, I would recommend something to work on this as this means that you might not be producing enough eggs, you might have a high testosterone and you might also not be ovulating, amongst other things) For this I will recommend >>>This<<<  and >>>> this <<<< (This will be taken by you up until you get your period) you will not STOP taking it when you get your period, you need to get your period for up to 3 times consistently. (If you’re not on contraceptives while using this treatment, you MIGHT fall pregnant)



  1. IF you get your periods, that’s great, we will move on to the next step, which is; Are your periods painful? If they are not painful we are good to go, I am happy with that then I will recommend >>>>this<<<< and >>>this<<<
  2. If your periods are painful, then this is what I would recommend >>>This<<< and >>> this<<< for you. (If you’re not on contraceptives while using this treatment, you MIGHT fall pregnant)

I recommend that you take this treatment until you have zero period pains. Yes, ZERO. 


How does having period pains affect your fertility?

Firstly, period pains are not normal, if you follow me you would know this, they are caused by so many things that you might not be aware of eg: inflammation in your reproductive system, endometriosis, this is to just name a few.


Should you not be pregnant from this treatment, >>> this<<<< is what we will recommend to help nurture your eggs and speed things up. This treatment can be taken up to 6 times on repeat.

5. Well I have not forgotten your male partner, >>> this <<< is what I recommend for him. He can take the treatment up to 8 times.


How do I take the treatment?


I recommend that you start taking your treatments when you start your periods, this if for the Fertility Cleanse and Endometriosis combos.


The Yoni Pearls are to be taken 2 days after you stop your periods, this is together with your steaming herbs. If you’re using these 2, you want to start first by steaming your vagina and then inserting the pearls the next day and steam again 2 days after you remove the pearls.

When you’re on the Advanced fertility combo you will start with it 2 days after you finish your periods, then stop 2 days after removing the pearl.


You will STOP taking your treatment when you start ovulating and you will resume when you start with your period (Hopefully it will not come) or after your period.


In all this, be kind to yourself, sending you pregnancy dust!


Much love,



If you have any clarity seeking questions, lets chat on WhatsApp 065 225 2525


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  • Posted on Snenhlanhla

    LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much sis K

  • Posted on Regina

    This was so informative, thank you for your kindness… I have started to be patient and kind to my body, I am more relaxed and ready to start the treatment process. Hoping I save enough for the combos 😉 so that I start my journey with you.

  • Posted on NTHABISENG

    i was thinking of giving up after taking the treatment only once and still experiencing period pains and longer periods. after using the product the first month i saw a difference but second month i was back to squire 1, but after reading this will comeback to your store for more….
    thank you

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