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The journey to conception

So Lethabo sent me a WhatsApp for products for fertility.

If you have contacted me before for fertility matters, you will know that I do not have a one size fits all approach on fertility. (Yes it is not)

I believe in healing your body before trying to conceive or in the process if you are not using contraceptives of any kind when your body heals you will conceive.

So she was at first annoyed, that I had to ask her a series of questions before I made any recommendations to her for her fertility journey. (Like many ladies that have contacted me)

So, the age of both partners is important to understand when you're in the process of conceiving because if you're 26 and your partner is 45. Or vice versa, it changes things a bit on the recommendation that I will make, age matters, but it does not mean that it will make things impossible...

In most cases when your partner is over 35 I will recommend THIS.

You're not forced to get it as I know that most men don't think they have a fertility problem. (SMH)

The next question I would ask is if you get your periods and if they are regular,  in this case, her periods came 4 times a year and were very painful with big clots.

She got mad at me because I did not recommend the Fertility Combo for her immediately and I told her that I prefer that we heal her body first and conceiving would come naturally. I am sure you have heard this before right?

I will tell you that if you check our testimonials on our WhatsApp statuses and also on Instagram and Facebook you will see that the Fertility Combo is not the first thing we would recommend when you're trying to fall pregnant.

I have personally gone through this journey (which I will write about very soon), I know that it can be physically and emotionally taxing, thus can leave you feeling despondent.

The key is to get the right products for yourself. (What worked for your friend might not work for you)

I gave her THIS and after the first 2 weeks of taking the treatment, she started feeling cramps like periods. Her periods came after 4 weeks and remained consistent.

After 4 months of consistency, she was in disbelief as her periods did not come again, well... She was pregnant! I know right?!

My advise to if you are on this journey of healing is;

Be consistent on taking your treatment, drink your tea x 3 times a day, you can even take it cold. If you take more than one tea, alternate them with days

Steam your yoni every 3-4 days and for long.

Take your capsules in the morning after meals.

Take your drops daily and do not mix them with your tea.

Do this for 6 weeks consistently and let's have a talk again if you do not see changes in your body after 4 weeks of use or after 9 months for your postpartum healing.

After all is said and done, patience is a virtue and be kind to yourself Queen.


Love and light to you


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  • Posted on Rikuvera Kaura

    No comment just happy I began the healing journey because I suffer from PCOS and I purchased recently from Namibia..
    God bless you and bless your business 🙏
    Bigger and bigger

  • Posted on Z B Sithole

    Hi sister k I want to thank you since I start fibroids combo +fibroids drops I see a big difference my period are not heavy and the pain also decreases, I can’t wait to take the 3rd combo after that I start the fertility comb hopefully I wil post my good result for my yonebaby thank sister k

  • Posted on Lungiswa

    Hi sisi I started to use Yoni products from, I had a problem of heavy painful periods because of fibroid, cyst and a blocked tube, I tried to conceive but had no lucky, so I decided to heal first cos I was also scared to fall pregnant while I’m having fibroids,I don’t want to lie I see difference, my periods used to be heavy and painful with clots and also prolong but now I go only 4 days and I used to take 3 painkillers at one goal but now two panados are enough, I believe that I am healing, I steam and drink fibroid tea, now I don’t know when to take a fertile combo, oh another thing tomorrow I want to put pearls.

  • Posted on Kardi

    Hi sis K. I’ve been having the same partner for 13 years now and I’d say we’ve been trying for a baby since late last year. Ended up visiting the gynae just to make sure that there weren’t any complications stopping us from doing so and luckily for me there weren’t any. I’ve been very hesitant on using any products and just wanted to focus on doing it the natural way. But, that has its own way of disappointing ones self esteem and just making you feel like giving up.
    But I’ve been secretly going through the website and WhatsApp status and I’ve seen a lot of positive testimonials… But there’s still that little voice at the back of my head that tells me to give it time and not focus on it too much🙈… I’ll be contacting you very soon though, I think it’s time

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