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My most embarrassing moment!

I am not a person who worries much about looks, but… Yho!


So, when it comes to medical professions I honestly have a bias and I have my reasons for it! So… I had an accident sometime back that affected by back and I have had to go for physio now and then to help with discomforts.

My physiotherapist is an old woman who I chat to about her travels, her kids, and now mostly grand kids. I love that about her and she will give me lots of tips for my girls, from bed time to playing and spending time with them, as such, when I go and see her it feels like going to brunch with an old friend that feels like home!

So, I booked my appointment with her practice sometime back and when it was time to go, I did not even think to call and check if she is in, she usually calls me if she wants to reschedule. She did not call this time and I assumed all was good.

Let me tell you that I was not ready! Like! Yho!

When I get to her practice the lady at reception points to the consult room, so I get there and I change and I lay back in anticipation for my long awaited massage and relief from her magical hands. 2 minutes later, the lady at reception knocks and tells me that Elize is not in today as she had a personal matter to attend to as a matter of urgency.

” Okay”, I say”. She further mentions that the locum physiotherapist will be with me shortly as they are finishing with another patient.

Its after work, so I am in no hurry… I need this massage!

Eh! Eh! Eh! Let me tell you that I was not ready! Like guys!!!!!!! Yho!

So in walks this guy that looks like a younger version of Boris Kodjoe.

I think, okay, maybe this is an intern the therapist is coming to join him! Let me tell you that he was tall, green eyes, light in complexion, looks like he goes to gym twice a day. (That’s if he does not live in the gym)! Muscles well defined! Hands with visible veins, I just stared at him in shock and disbelief…


Lost my train of thoughts… My tongue got tied up, I tried to say something, but all I could do was muffle some words in just so I can say something… NOTHING came out of my mouth, it was as if my voice was frozen.

I had to swallow! I just looked at him…

He introduced himself as the locum therapist, and I felt like I was getting hot and cold! Okay! FOCUS, Kgomotso, focus!!!!


So he asked me what I was doing here and we discussed my reasons for being there..! With Every touch he made, I had to hold my breath! These are the things we see on TV! Why is this guy not acting or something! Yho!

That was the longest session I had for therapy, I tried hard to shift my thoughts so that I can have a fruitful session. I thought of him as a pastor and I thought of him as a Teletubby! I had to focus and It was not happening!

To ease my silly discomfort, I asked him to start with the needle therapy. He agrees, that gave me time to be alone for some time while the needles worked. I got to breathe a little. Phewww!


Then the needles had to be removed a few moments later! When he started touching me again, I just could not hold it anymore! I let out a sigh, a sigh became a giggle, a giggle got uncontrollable and it because laughter! My face was pink. I had to come clean, but I could not let the guys win, so I just told him I am not used to male physiotherapists! He understood as that is a female owned practice.

I am glad he was just a physiotherapist, I cannot begin to imagine him being a gynaecologist, because I would personally NOT feel okay! I would probably leave and never come back.


So now when I call the practice, I ask if Elize is there first before even driving there, because I don’t want to experience the embarrassment! I must have been the talk of the practice for the day, and I am pretty sure I am not the first!


Anyway! I just thought I would share!


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  • Posted on Asanda

    Once someone says “don’t judge me” I judge with immediately effect shem 😅 😂 oko ndincumile through out the session as if I was there

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