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Healing is a Journey | Fertility

How many combo’s do I need to take to see the results?

I had to redo this article so that I can just help you understand the healing journey, why I recommend the products that I recommend.

When you come to me and you are trying to conceive, I will ask you a number of standard questions which will lead to me recommending products to you. I have noticed that some of you are not happy with the recommendation. I understand that fully well.

I am not looking to just sell you products, I want to offer you healing and value.


Fertility Cleanse Combo:

Kindy note that the Fertility Cleanse is the only combo that you will need to take once, then you will move to the Fertility combo if you are not already pregnant.

In short the Fertility Cleanse will help cleanse your system from toxins. The Fertility Combo will help nourish your eggs and help sperm swim faster.


If you are experiencing period pains while conceive:

So if you are experiencing period pains, I advise you to treat the inflammation in your body and reproductive system first >>>with this<<< , the reason I did not prescribe the Fertility Cleanse for you because it will not be as beneficial. I want you to get the full benefit of the products!

I highly recommend the Endometriosis Combo until your period pains completely heal. This usually takes 1 to 3 combos. 

If you are not on contraceptives, your chances of falling pregnant are as high as that of someone on the  Fertility Cleanse Combo or Fertility combo.

Trying to conceive but you are not getting your periods

If you do not get your periods every month this is what I will recommend to you: >>>click here<<<, this will help you regulate your period and helps you produce eggs. YES, you will fall pregnant while you are using this combo and you are not on contraceptives.

Blocked tubes

Also, do not diagnose yourself with Blocked Tubes, the fact that you are not getting your period every month does not mean that you have blocked tubes. I strongly recommend you get a diagnosis from the Dr and we can know for sure what we need to treat. Should you have been diagnosed with blocked tubes this is what I recommend >>>click here<<<

Trying to conceive with Fibroids

If you are trying to conceive and you have been diagnosed with fibroids, listen up...

1. I will recommend that you try and suspend the process of conceiving for 6 months so that we can shrink the fibroids naturally with herbs. Don't despair, I will explain.

2. Depending on your age and also how big the fibroids are the manner in which I will advise you to take your treatment will be different.

3. If you are older or have big fibroids, I will recommend a more aggressive approach to your treatment. 

4. If you are in a hurry to fall pregnant, I will advise you to go and book surgery and get the fibroids removed.

5. Reason being that Fibroids cause miscarriages and this happens a lot, they grow rapidly when you are pregnant and are fed by the pregnancy hormones to multiply and they end up taking the space of the baby and that is when the miscarriage happens. This breaks my heart when a client comes to me with this, I would love for you to carry full term. They cause multiple miscarriages! and it can leave devastating effects to you and your partner physically and emotionally

6. One of the things that the Dr's don't tell you is that during surgery, fibroids cause a lot of women to over bleed and that is one of the reasons that might result in your womb being removed during the procedure, even it is not the Dr's intention!

So if you are looking to conceive, you might want to reconsider that. The Dr will not go into theatre trying to get your womb removed but, if a complication presents itself during the procedure, your womb might get removed to save your life.

We have seen some dramatic results from the PCOS and Endometriosis  combos that have produced many babies. Sometimes this even before the first combo is finished.


How do I take my products when Trying to Conceive;

I get this question a lot;

1. You can take all the products while you are on your periods except for: Fertility combo

2. Take your drops everyday (Once a day)

3. Take your capsules everyday, preferably in the morning

4. Steam every 3 days I prefer steaming at night as it helps me sleep better

5. Take your tea every day x 3 times a day (If you are taking more than one tea, alternate them with days)

As you are trying to conceive, you will STOP using the products all together when you begin ovulating.

You will not use the products again if and when your periods begin. Should you get your period, which I hope you don't because I want to be an aunty! y

If you are not getting your periods and you are on the PCOS combo you will drink the product until you get your periods. Should you feel a little sick, you can stop.


So in short, I just want to say, falling pregnant is a matter of healing!


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