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How to avoid the Mommy burnout

As we are coming to the end of mothers day month I feel it is only right to give Mothers the spotlight. Happy belated Mothers Day to all of you amazing women . Here at Yoni Healing you are always loved and we see you, we celebrate you and thank you for all the love and sacrifices you make for our future leaders .

Motherhood is beautiful , our children are precious to us ,they bring so much joy and love into our lives . BUT…let's get real, sometimes it gets really overwhelming and you feel like you are making mistakes or really don't know what you're doing . Truth is you probably don't know what you're doing lol and that's okay you're not a bad guy because you don't have it all figured out .

You are just a person , as much as you wish you could be in 5 different places at once doing everything to make your child and family happy. It's not possible my love , you are not a machine . Even an overworked machine crashes from time to time so what makes you think that you can withstand all the pressure ?

Admitting that you are struggling as a mother can seem like you are admitting your inadequacy but it's far from that . It is probably the bravest thing you can do for yourself and your children. The mom struggle is not something you can avoid but there are definitely ways to ease it so you can be your best self for your children .

Turn to your community
For those of us who have people available in our lives to assist , use them whenever you can whether it be your spouse or even your own mom. Raising children is a community effort so allow your community to help you so you can relax and grab some drinks with your girls once in a while.

Do things that you enjoy
Who were you before you became a mother ? You are still her, she just has kids now that's all , don't forget all your interests and goals , go for it, make an effort to do the things you enjoy they will bring you peace and purpose . You may not get to do them everyday like you used to but the smallest changes can have a great impact.

Let go of the mom-guilt
I know as moms we really struggle with guilt , no matter how much we do for our children we never feel like we have done enough. This i believe is not a feeling you can completely rid yourself of but look at how happy your children are , instead of criticizing yourself look around and see what you have done. Give yourself that credit .

Don't compare yourself to others
There are so many things we need to keep track of as moms and comparing yourself to others shouldn't even be on your list because honestly it does absolutely no good for you or your children . Is it that serious that your child doesn't have as many fancy gadgets as your friend's child ? You don't need to be like any other mom, just relax and be you .

The most important thing I want you to take from today's blog is that you should give yourself grace , the world already judges mothers so you should not do the same to yourself and others . There is no mother on this green earth of ours who is perfect , we are all learning as we go along. So if you are currently struggling it's okay because we all are lol .


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