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Part 3 of my endometriosis journey

Sorry I took long to write, I have been under a lot of pressure at work and at home. My Gran was sick and hospitalised for the last 3 weeks and I have not been myself. I think I have low key been depressed because I was unable to do a lot of things that I enjoy. To top it off I had a hectic flu that felt worse than COVID, it has not totally gone away as my voice is still horsy at times, but I glad that the symptoms are down, thanks to the flu tea. My Gran was discharged yesterday, and I had a long sleep that I was longing for, for weeks and I even got a new haircut. Things seem to be falling back into place…😊

If you haven't read Part one and Part two of my endometriosis journey you might want to start there before reading this...

Alas, I digress!

I finally secured an appointment with this highly skilled and renowned specialist in the field of Gynaecology who has a remarkable track record of performing miracles!
I was fortunate to have my husband with me through this process and he supported me 100%. At our first appointment we explained to him (the gynaecologist) details of what was happening and also gave him the x-rays I did when I was in the Emergency Room.

He examined me with a vaginal ultrasound (I must say it was very uncomfortable) but it had to be done. He saw cysts and fibroids and mentioned that my endometrium lining looked inflamed. So, he said we need to operate. I was not hesitant to operate and we set a date. The fibroids were huge and the cysts too.

My husband was not left out, he was asked to do a sperm analysis to determine if he has healthy and viable sperm to be able to make a baby. I liked the fact that Dr Biko did not just focus on me. If you have done this you know the drill.

We set up an appointment for him to do the tests. Let me paint a picture for you (lol). So he basically had to induce himself to get the sperm out and we had to abstain for 3 days prior to this so that they can get as much sperm as possible. When you arrive at the lab, they gave him a small cup and told him to
ejaculate in it. We got into the room and there were porn magazines and a TV. We did not switch the TV on and now I wonder what would have been playing
on the TV. Mhhhhhhh..... It was just a little unusual and I sat there with him during this process and got the sperm out! (ask no questions and you will hear no lies)

After we left I kept wondering if the receptionist could hear anything, but I thought : ”they must be used to this”. I was just happy that we got it done.
The sperm analysis was good and we were given a thumbs up by the Dr.

In this period that we were waiting to get an operation, the pains got worse by the day. Farting was a mission, I mention this because it was such a privilege to fart with no pain, imagine having sex or even getting my periods. Ovulation was also very bad, it was a pain that I could not comprehend. He had given me Synaleve, not only did it not help, but it felt like it made the pains worse.

At some point I thought I should ask to see him again before the operation, he mentioned that at times the pain is also mental and suggested that I see a

I did not think I needed one, but I went to see her anyway… I then started to consult with a therapist to also help me with the mental toll. As the whole process was taking a toll on me and to also help me deal with my journey to conceiving. I was just going through a lot. I did not think that something that is made out to be so simple like conceiving could take such a toll on me. My mental health was taking a knock, I mean I could not even engage in coitus without pain, how did I even expect to carry a baby when I can’t even fathom simple period pains? I mean?!

So went for the operation, on the morning of the operation I arrived at Femina in the morning with my husband, and I was prepped for the operation and wheeled into theatre. This was a 30 minute laparoscopy procedure.

This is what the Dr saw when he operated me:

Fibroids & Cysts

Chocolate cysts



The surgery was bigger than anticipated and instead of taking 30 minutes, it took 4 hours. Yes, a whole 4 hours, other scheduled operations needed to be pushed out. When I woke up and the Dr came to see me and to say the least he was in awe. He showed me a video of the procedure (I unfortunately couldn't get it but at least I got pics).

Instead of staying overnight to be discharged the next day, I had to stay in hospital for 3 days and discharged on the 4th.
This made me realise how we take things for granted and that every day is a gift, even if its not a good one according to us.

In the next writing I will tell you about my journey to conceiving and how things went after the operation…

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Have a beautiful day ahead.




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  • Posted on Judith

    Yoooh sis K, your journey was painful. But it makes me to say to you it was worth because you understand the pain that most women go through.When God gives you the gift to deliver His people on specific areas of their lives you must know the pain first so that to understand their story. I can’t stop thinking about your story please publish a book. I’m truely touched and encouraged big time. Thanks once more for sharing your journey with us ❤️

  • Posted on Asanda

    Woow your journey was painful and amazing at the end I’m so sorry that you have to go this path in life but your pains and sorrows its very amazing today we’ve got hope because of you I relate on this "how log this man will understand "this is me everyday asking those questions thanks sisi k for sharing your journey ❤

  • Posted on Bathe

    Ohh my God I am going through on what you went through KG I feel like giving up now😥I’m depressed.
    Looking forward to read the journey of conceiving.Much love ❤️
    Bathe 🫂

  • Posted on Kelebogile

    Hey Sis Kgomotso
    I’m reading your blog with tears rolling in my eyes knowing that as women we are faced with alot of challenges expecially with infertility, I’m enjoying drinking the teas & hoping that one day I will be a happy women, I never thought I will came across the cyst problem I thought I was thee heathyest women because sometimes I will thing may be it’s something that I had eat when doctors starting with their prognosis I had spend a lot of money knocking from one doctor to another I have been trying to conceive for years but with no luck I done procedures unblocking tubes, lyparascopy that one would have aske for but no luck I’m 49yrs old & some of the doctors they don’t have mercy because after taking money from you then u will be told you are too old to have babies, it’s really breaks my heart I sometimes think that I have been punished & people will tell you to pray as if you not like you said in your block, I breaks my heart because some of the women start underming as if I have asked for this, hopefully one day the cyst story will clear & I will seen also as women

  • Posted on Mildred bacon

    Interesting story

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