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Male fertility

Fertility is a very sensitive thing for most people. This is a safe space for us to discuss matters which we may be uncomfortable with. I for one have had my own issues with fertility and because of that I want to be able to help others who may be dealing with fertility issues. Male or female I want to help you, and I want to go through this journey with you.  

What I have realized is that we don’t talk much about male fertility, which is just as important as female fertility. I want you to know that you can always come and talk to me about your fertility challenges. With that said today I want us to look into male fertility and maybe you can learn a thing... 

The ability of a person to reproduce naturally is referred to as fertility. So in the case of male fertility, what that means is a man’s ability to reproduce naturally. 

When a man's chances of getting his female spouse pregnant are poor, this is known as male infertility. Usually, it depends on how good his sperm cells are.

Male fertility is determined using three aspects:
1. The health of the individual sperm
2. The amount the sperm
3. And the volume of the sperm

    When it comes to a male’s ability to reproduce there are multiple factors that can contribute to that, these include genetics, general health, physical fitness, illnesses, and environmental toxins.

    If you are looking to start a family or just looking to enhance your fertility in general here are a few tips that you can follow.

    Have a healthy diet
    A healthy diet and way of living are also crucial. Some meals and nutrients have a stronger link to improved fertility than others.

    Foods that you should eat for male fertility
    1. Nuts
    2. Oysters
    3. Fruits and vegetables
    4. Pumpkin seeds
    5. Pomegranate juice
    6. Fatty fish

    Foods to avoid for good male fertility
    1. Junk food
    2. High-mercury fish (E.g., swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, marlin, big eye tuna, orange roughy and shark have a high mercury content)
    3. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol
    4. Soy
    5. High-fat dairy
    6. Processed meat

      Exercise regularly
      Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, including raising testosterone levels and enhancing fertility. If you don't regularly exercise yet want to increase your fertility, make it a primary priority. Regular exercise will also help you lose excess weight which is one on the hindering factors to fertility

      Quit smoking
      Smoking exposes men to high levels of chemicals that lead to decreased fertility.
      Male individuals who smoke a more likely take longer to conceive than those who don’t smoke. Non-smoking males have healthier sperm cells than those who smoke, this means the journey to conception as a smoker may take longer for smokers.

      Here’s what smoking does to the sperm
      -It reduces the concentration\ quantity of the sperm
      -It changes the DNA of the sperm which can cause problems with fertilization and the development of the embryo
      -It can affect the shape of the sperm which may make it difficult for the sperm to swim to the eggs
      -Reduces the quality of semen

      Wear loose fitting boxers
      It can be beneficial to create the ideal conditions for healthy sperm by maintaining your sperm at an appropriate temperature and providing plenty of airflow to the scrotum.
      If you prefer briefs over boxers I would recommend that you wear cotton briefs over synthetic ones. That will still support temperature and air flow management.
      One thing you may do if you're experiencing reproductive problems is to concentrate on enhancing your general health. A healthy lifestyle includes several of the aforementioned suggestions as essential elements.

      Although there is no sure cure, following healthy lifestyle suggestions may be beneficial.

      For a good male fertility I would suggest that you try our Male combo which is a package deal is perfect for men who want to increase their male fertility and sperm motility to help restore their sex lives. The combo includes a collection of natural supplements that promote sperm health and general reproductive health.

      If you need someone to talk to or product recommendations, I’m just a text message away. Chat to me on WhatsApp on 065 225 2525

      I hope this information has brought you some light and encourages you to make healthier lifestyle choices.

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