PCOS(Cysts) Tea

PCOS(Cysts) Tea

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Balance hormones

Cleanse the liver and get rid of any build-up of hormones

Stimulate and stabilise the function of the pituitary gland

Deep cleansing, remove accumulations and toxins
Increases the production of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin)

Treat the acne associated with PCOS

Stimulates ovaries ( normalising menstrual and ovulation cycles)

Strengthens the female reproductive system

Strengthen the lining of the uterus which can aid in conception for women with PCOS



Take daily, as and when needed

Take 1-2 cups daily

1 teaspoon to 1 cup

If you feel that the tea is too potent, reduce the dosage

Do not take when you are pregnant or breastfeeding

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Customer Reviews

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I bought the PCOS tea for a family member , she had a very sharp pain in the lower tummy that would last for days and was supposed to go for an operation this January, but then PCOS did wonders, she is now pain free and can't stop praising me... I am so glad i discovered Yoni Steaming RSA


I started taking the Pcos Tea and womb cleanse before Christmas and I m so happy with the products. I had minor periods pains as compared to previous months and my Yoni smells good.

Pcos tea

This tea really helps me with my acne and my bloating I will defenitely order again

Glow tea

I don't have any skin problems, but felt the need to try the glow tea, I'm enjoying made a great choice it also taste really good.


I bought a pcos cyst tea last month.. My periods were absent for two months and I used to have abdominal or pelvic pain that will last for days..as I am typing this I am on my periods, no pain nothing.. I am so happy hlee 💃💃💃