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Sun Kissed - Glowing Skin

About 6 weeks ago I got a frantic call from one of my clients complaining about the products that she had been using for her skin. She had started developing blemishes and on top of that she was also treating a recurring acne.

She had been to dermatologists and had also been seeing and Aesthetics Dr to treat her skin. It was affecting her confidence badly as it was on her face.

So when we launched our Facial steaming herbsglow capsules and also the glow tea  she contacted me. She told me about how despondent she was feeling with all these expensive products she used and they are not working. Even the chemical peels and dermabrasions done at the Aesthetics clinic was not doing the trick for her.

She was tired of always having to wear make-up and even then the make-up could not hide the acne bumps that would sometimes have puss and blood oozing out of them.

I realised that she had been treating her skin on the outside and had never thought of treating it on the inside. The approach to treating her skin was the one that was not conventional but traditionally tried and tested one.

Her scepticism was palpable and I understood why. So if you have tried and tested all the products in the world and they have not worked, THIS is YOUR solution! I can bet on it, with consistency, it will not take you more than 3 weeks to see the results… Here is what some of our clients had to say;


Sadie M -

Happy client

Since I have used my products .My skin is absolutely great... Pimples are slowly fading away... Thank you... Best products ever!!!

 M Nkosi

Beauty Combo

Amazing experience and seeing glowing results... I literally have to look at myself twice to appreciate and admire my glow that the products have afforded me. Thank you so much.

Khayakazi M

Super glow combo

Hydrated skin with glow. Just used it for less than a week am still using other cleansing products


Glow tea

My skin is glowing now and the tea it also help me a lot with my energy levels I was always tired but now I am always energetic Thank you very much, waiting patiently for my hair line to grow 

Mogomotsi R

Glow tea

I've experienced that my acne isn’t popping out like before it’s just there and there and my skin is brightening up. So one step at the time. Thank you so much Yoni Healing

Just incase you are left asking which products we are taking about, click the below links;

Glow Combo

Super Glow Combo

Beauty Combo


What is more amazing is that the product can be used by both men and women, including teens!

We look forward to hearing your skin story!


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