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Food for your Reproductive Health

Have you heard about what these fruits do for your reproductive system? If not, let me plug you in! I have also noticed how they are the norm amongst ladies who drink gin 🍸

Berries, thinking pink or blue? Maybe grab that #berryblaze
Or #cranberryjuice

As small as they are, they are packed with antioxidants.

They are members of the berry family and protect your body from cell damage and cell aging — and this includes cells in your reproductive system (aka your eggs).

Wondering whether you should be picking other berries, too (like strawberries and blackberries?)

Definitely do.

All berries are berry, berry good for your fertility…it’s just that raspberries and blueberries are the berry, berry best. Out of season? Buy them frozen. Woolworths, pick n pay and spar have them frozen too! Check the frozen isle ❤❤❤


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