Postpartum Combo

Postpartum Combo

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The combo includes

Steaming herbs
Mama tea blend


To help ladies who have just given birth (both natural and C-section)


Aiding in relief from afterbirth pains

Encourages breast milk production

Help minimise postpartum bleeding

Mood booster


For directions of how to take the products, please refer to the individual products

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Customer Reviews

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Postpartum combo

The combo has assisted me so much.
I had difficulty with joint pain, the pain kept me awake every day but now I don't suffer anymore.
With giving birth I did a c section and I was worried because everyone I know that had gave birth through it complained that when it was going to rain or in cold weather they felt excruciating pain, I don't experience any pain whatsoever. I believe the herbal steam assisted with this

Happy mommy

I bought the product after learning about it on Facebook ad. I suffered spotting and cramps after c section delivery. I am still amazed at how the tea wonderfully works. The spotting has stopped and I am feeling much better. I am definitely coming for more🤩