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Hormone Balance Tea
Hormone Balance Tea

Hormone Balance Tea

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This tea will help with hormonal acne and balancing hormones


Recalibrate hormones and aids in balancing them

Promote a more regular and healthy female cycle

Improve mood balance

Support overall reproductive health


For best results, use it together with the following products to get even greater results

Steaming herbs and

Fibroids tea , steaming herbs - for Fibroids

Menstrual support tea - to help regulate your periods

PCOS Tea - if you suffer from PCOS


You can take it even when you are on your periods 

Dosage and Instructions:

Take daily, as and when needed

Take 1-3 cups daily

1 table spoon to 1 cup of tea

Steep for 5- 10 minutes

Your water needs to be HOT… as in, you just boiled it. (Do not boil the tea as it takes the nutrients and herbs that you need)

You need to cover your tea while it steeps.

You need to let it steep for the proper amount of time.

The longer it steeps the more bitter it may taste.


You can have the tea warm or cold with fruits (citrus fruits, berries ect.) 

Instead of sugar, use honey.

If you are using any of our tea blends, take one type of tea per day and alternate them with days.

Do not take when you are pregnant or breastfeeding




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Customer Reviews

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Hormone balancing tea

So far so good. Im no longer bloated, I've realised this in two days of drinking the tea and also my skin is smooth.


I am slightly seeing changes. Will surely be ordering every month.


It really works😍💐

Hormone balancing tea

Wow the tea taste delicious. I took it 2 weeks before my periods I'm so happy normally a week before my periods I will feel bloated my tummy will look like i am 3 months pregnant but since I started drinking hormone balancing tea my tummy looks normal as in flat. What I'm worried about is 3 days after starting to drink tea I got rash on my forehead even though now is fading away . Overall I'm so happy my sleeping has improved . Thanks to yoni hormone balance tea .. working wonders I'm taking a cup 2 hours before my sleeping time.

Hormone balance tea is working

This tea really works ! Ever since i started taking it i didn't have pimples coming up on my chin and jaw line. This is usually a tell tale sign of a hormone imbalance. My skin is glowing and i am excited that this will hopefully make me blessed to have a baby soon....