Dripping Delicious Tea ( For Females)

Dripping Delicious Tea ( For Females)

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This tea is intended to help you with your sex drive 


✔ Increase sex drive

✔ Improve your lubrication drastically

✔ Increase sexual feeling and pleasure

✔ Makes your yoni taste sweet


For best results use it together with the Steaming herbs and Femme Delicious drops


Dosage and Instructions:

Take daily, as and when needed

Take 1-3 cups daily

1 table spoon to 1 cup of tea

Steep for 5- 10 minutes

Your water needs to be HOT… as in, you just boiled it. (Do not boil the tea as it takes the nutrients and herbs that you need)

You need to cover your tea while it steeps.

You need to let it steep for the proper amount of time.

The longer it steeps the more bitter it may taste.


You can have the tea warm or cold with fruits (citrus fruits, berries ect.) 

Instead of sugar, use honey.

If you are using any of our tea blends, take one type of tea per day and alternate them with days.

Do not take when you are pregnant or breastfeeding


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Works magic I give it 5 stars. More reviews is coming.


Wow my yoni is forever lubricated and I'm never not in the mood what a life saver